by Chris Dodgen

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Here it is, my 31-day song fest, a little smoother than the day they were made, but very much structurally preserved. I lovingly wrote and recorded each one in no more than 24 hours. It was a crazy feat, and the result is less-than-perfect, but this CD features plenty of songs that will stick in your head. Make no mistake, though the production time was short, the recordings are, much to my surprise, quite solid, and the final product is very much me.

Most people will have found their way here via my Youtube page, and that's great. If you haven't, be sure and check that out as well.



released January 31, 2012

Produced by Chris Dodgen

Mastered by CJ Jacobson (

Album Art by Connor Hill (

All music and lyrics by Chris Dodgen except as noted

Lyrics and music by Chris Dodgen and Josh Weatherspoon

Make it Work
Lyrics and music by Chris Dodgen and Lizzy Barmore

Music by Chris Dodgen and Andrew Jackson

Produced by Steven Higginbotham
Music by Chris Dodgen and Steven Higginbotham



all rights reserved


Chris Dodgen Dallas, Texas

I make music.

Some is happy, some is sad.

All of it is me.

Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Cold
It’s cold in you like it’s cold outside
Another year we’re here
And I don’t mind
No, I don’t mind
Savvy snow it spells your name in drifts
and sheets of white

Oh I miss the winter’s kiss
Standing there in blue
But underneath this gray sky
I’d rather be unhappy with you.

Oh no, it’s coming down on me
And I know I can’t be saved
So just keep walking and take in the trees
And remember me this way
Track Name: What She Wants
It’s bubbling up in the space
Behind your brown eyes
You’re gonna have to take the thought
And put it out of your mind
Words are always breaking and
Communication is taking you time
But no matter what you say or do
I’m gonna sleep alone tonight

Yeah, I know just what you want from me
And it’s funny but it’s true that I want it too
Yeah I do
I do
I do

The window is open and
I can see the city light
I’m thinking about the things I said
That made you cry
I’m never gonna be exactly
What you want from someone else
But I know we can make it
I know you don’t want to be by yourself
Track Name: Walk With Me
Take a walk with me
That’s all I ask
I have something
I want you to see

It’s warm
And it’s close
And it never will fade
Just as long as you’re here
Next to me

Close your eyes
And bring your lips to mine
Let’s forget everything we can see
And get back to how things ought to be

Have I told you dear
The day that we met
That I knew that we’d end up here
But I never thought
I could love you this way
Or that I could feel so damn sincere

Stay with me
And walk here by my side
We can go as far as we can see
There is nothing without you and me
Track Name: Someday
Back then
I wasn’t one
Of the ones
That you shared your heart with
But I would dream that I was
The one
That you called
Your own
Of the shoulder
You cried on when they left you alone

I took every chance I could
But you never looked my way
Well I swore back then that I’d have you someday

And now
The other day
I saw you
And you
Said “Hey,
Why didn’t we work out all those years
They’ve been kind
To you
But I’m not
The same
Guy you always came running to

I was wrong
And I’m glad that
It didn’t turn out that way
I hope you find what you’re looking for someday
Track Name: Advice
Water bounces off the rocks
While I watch the moonlit hills
People sleeping
Birds are catching kill

Leaves are falling from the trees
Lulling me to sleep
Beneath the stars
Everything’s at peace

But I can’t forget
How you looked at me
On the night you said
That you would never leave

Hold close the ones that make you whole
And learn to love yourself, lest you watch them go
Count your blessings; have something to show
Take advice from the ones that know

Day has broke
My blurry eyes look out to the east
Somewhere there
You’re living without me

Does it hurt
Sometimes when you think about the way
We believed
Forever was a day?

Now I can’t believe
It feels so far away
And it’s all because
I had nothing to say

Count your blessings; have something to show
Don’t you spend all your life alone
Take advice from the ones that know
Track Name: Fault
Words don’t mean
Much of anything
But you try
You complain of the days gone by
What the world has done to you
You’ll give it back in spades
The way
He gave it to you

Simple thoughts
Aren’t simple at all
But you know
Which direction you’ll go
And the end will make the means
Make sense of everything you
And everything in-between

You’ll forget fate
And recalibrate
Your soul
And it still doesn’t fill the hole
That you made on your own
And blamed on everyone you
Could see
That left you alone
Track Name: Without Me
If there was a time that he looked away
He could look back but it’s much too late
You’ve got to make it on your own in spite of all the pain

Keep a smile sealed in an envelope
In case there’s a day when you give up hope
I hope you don’t have to open it and let it go

Just because I’m gone
Doesn’t mean I wish you wrong
I’m waiting for the day
I will see you happy
Without me

When the next one comes I can promise you
He’ll give you more love than I could do
You’re gonna forget all the pain and smile at something new
Track Name: Falling Down
I’m not looking back when I’m falling down
And I’m reticent to make a sound

I will walk 1,000 miles before I die
Whether life’s in short supply
Or I

Don’t see another face for a while
Or it’s only me every night

That’s not how I wanted everything to end
Even if I could pretend
To buy
The why

But I’m not looking back when I’m falling down
Track Name: Disconnected
I forget what’s behind the door sometimes
I feel it calling back to me
From the light shining underneath

Somewhere inside is someone I used to know
I wish I knew him now, but I don’t
His world is not my own

Are we too scared of what it means
Acknowledging distance between
Who we are and who we want to be?
So we regard it distantly

Sometimes at night I lay here wondering
Just how I got here so quickly
And I’m not sure if it was just a dream
If I could carry all my thoughts with me
I’d make my world what it could be
Just like the light shining under the door
That locks away who I was before

Yeah, I’m too scared
So I regard it distantly
Track Name: In Name Only
On the other side of innocence
Tucked away
I left something for you

When you go to sleep on holiday
I hope the snow
brings it to you

If you find it, hold it close
And think of me

I will see you once again
We’ll be free
Beneath the trees

It’s always fall when you’re with me
I call to you
In name only
Track Name: Chasing Lily
The eastern sky begins to fade
And the moths are leaving home
Flocking to the yellow moon cast on the lake

And I ask Lily to grab a jar
We can catch ourselves some laughter
While the coals die down and become dust again

Will you come to me
When I call you, my friend?

Your sweat, it smells so sweet as you run
Waving your arms around in windmills
Pulling fireflies out of the sky for me

No, I never will
But will you forget me?
Track Name: For Ellie
And as you’re drifting off to sleep
I wonder will you dream of me
I will hold you here as long as I still breathe
Sleep soundly

I’ll always remember you this way
Even though you’ll grow up one day
And forever all my love will never change
So sleep away

Someday I hope you’ll think of me
As you sing someone else to sleep
Close your eyes the same way you did close to me
And sleep soundly
Track Name: Stay, Tonight
Stay for awhile
Let’s pour another drink
It’s the last (I promise)

I don’t want to miss you
But I will
When right now is the past

It doesn’t have to end like this
Don’t you know that I’d go anywhere with you?
Baby, I need you here
You’re all I want now, so just tell me what to do

I’m not drawing any lines
And I hope you don’t mind
Stay with me tonight

I know there were bad times
But truly
They weren’t as bad as it seemed

And all of the good times
Made it worth
Every moment between

Don’t you know that I’d do anything for you?
Whatever you might want
I’d give everything I have just to make it true
For you
Track Name: Hills of Alabama
In the hills of Alabama
He come running from the dogs
He knows he has to press on
Or his freedom won’t be long

For he killed a man in Birmingham
With a bullet from his gun
And the law showed up before he realized what he had done

Oh, Yellowhammer
Deliver Me
And I swear that I won’t cheat another man
Please believe me
Hear my cry
I’ll carry this regret until I die

You could hear the sound from miles around
The crowd, they bayed for blood
They condemned a man
An eye for an eye
God have mercy on you, son

But they never asked
How it came to be
What got him seeing red
Or the woman that loved two men
And now one of them is dead

Oh, Yellowhammer
How could she be
In love with me and another man?
Please believe me
When I said
I wish it was her that I shot instead

Now he’s heading down to Texas
Where he’ll start his life again
With the memory of his woman
And a man he once called friend

And forever everywhere he goes
He’ll always watch his back
For the gallows is always waiting
And he knows it wants him bad
Track Name: Shell
It’s four o’clock in the morning
And I’m still awake
My mind is reeling; I’m tossing
And my jaws ache

As far as I can tell
You gave it all to him
You took every bit of me when you left

I want it back
I hope he treats you just like you treated me
And I hope he sees in you what you see in me

Man it’s been too long
I’m finally glad you’re gone
I wish I’d figured out how to move on
Track Name: Sunshine
If morning comes
My eyes open
And I see your face
I know it will be a beautiful day

When I’m with you
Babe, I know everything will be alright
And I just wanted to say

That you make my world go ‘round
You pick me up when I am down
(But I can’t be because)

You are my sunshine on a rainy day
You’re my jacket in the snow
You are the one thing that I’m always thinking of
And I hope you never let me go

I don’t care
How long I have to wait for you I will
And we’ll go wherever you want to be

There’s nothing more
That I need than
Just to see you smile
When you’re sitting here next to me
Track Name: Dedication
If I did for me
What I do for you
You would see me
Be the best man I could be

Is it me or is it you
Why I do what I do?
I’m done, that’s for sure
That’s why I’m walking out the door

I am scared
Of coming up short again
All I know
Is that I’ve got to move on
And leave you
Track Name: Undertow
It’s been so long
And now we’re grown
But I didn’t forget you
And I still sometimes
Think of all the things
We used to do

We never finished reaching for the sky
If it’s so easy to give up, then why can’t I?

I wish that we
Had been the ones
That we wanted to be

It’s funny how it always
Comes right back
To you and me

We never knew just how to let it go
We couldn’t fight against the undertow
My friend, where did we go?
It seems so long ago

I hope that you found
Everything that you
Were looking for

And the current
Keeps you safe
While it carries you to the shore

And I hope it leaves you happier than me
Fighting the undertow against the sea
Out where I chose to be
I hope you’ll visit me
Track Name: Replacement
What happens when we’ve lost
Another piece of ourselves?
How do we know
How to move on?

The sun is setting
Before we can push it up again
Can we find someone
Just as strong?

Well we know we have to be the ones
But we don’t do anything at all

Do we deserve another one?
Will we see another one?
I want to live to see us right the wrongs again
I want to see us all push on.
Track Name: You Go With Everything
Your blue eyes go great with the snow that’s falling
And your rosy cheeks look so sweet to me in the sunlight

There’s no match quite like you and me
But I have to admit
Baby you go with everything

Baby your hair goes great by the fire while I hold you close to me
And your pretty smile goes great with a walk down the street
Track Name: My Foolish Eyes
Pinned down and praying for escape
Shivering and blinded by the blade
Eyes still blink in understanding
Blood and pain so demanding

Burned into my foolish eyes

Barely breathing but awake
Every impact doesn’t wait
Why so skinless? Flowing tears
Wounds are worse than they appear
Track Name: Chasm
It seems like there’s miles between us
And yet we’re so close we could touch
So many things stand in the way
But the only thing I see is your face

I want to get back to how we were
When your eyes were brighter than the sun
I promise there’s nothing we can’t do
I just want to be closer to you

I want you to know that I miss you
And I‘m willing to try if you will too
I just can’t imagine what I would do…
I just want to be closer to you
Track Name: Wayward
Smooth over the waves
You waited for
I watched you fade
Expecting more
I’m sorry that you
Needed more than I knew
I would do anything
To save you

But there’s nothing more I could do
Than watch the tide swallow you

How could it be
You traveled so far
Uncharted sea
Under the stars
I was relieved
To hear you speak
But your voice and body
Were rendered weak

If you need strength
You can borrow mine
It’s not too late
But there’s not much time

Because I don’t want to
Watch the tide swallow you
Track Name: Come Home
Take a break and find yourself
I don’t know what else to tell you
I can’t change the way you feel about me, baby
You’ve got to do what you’ve got to

But while you’re out there on your own
I hope you’ll think about the fair
The first place that I ever kissed you
And how in my heart I’m still there

It’s all up to you
And I know it’s overdue
I’ll be waiting by the door
If you decide to come home

It’s not like you’re the type to run away
It’s not like we were never one
I can’t change how things have worked out for you, baby
I hope you decide that we’re not done
Track Name: Imperfect
I’m thinking of you
Looking out into the snow
It’s hard to enjoy it without you
If you were here
I would tell you that I’m sorry
I don’t want to spend Christmas alone

Let’s try it again
If only for today
The cold will be better when you’re here
And when it’s over
Maybe you don’t have to go
we can stay by the fire and just wait…
Track Name: Make It Work
Her moods are like the weather
Always subject to change
But when she wakes up smiling
It’s gonna be a good day

He never listens when I’m talking
I always say everything twice
But when he tells me he loves me
It seems a small sacrifice

Even though (s)he’s not a perfect fit
My baby does for me
I wouldn’t have it any other way
It’s hard sometimes but we
Make it work

She spends all my money
On things that she doesn’t need
But that’s a small price to pay for
The girl who makes me happy

He doesn’t notice the little things
I always do when he’s there
But the way that he holds me
I always know that he cares
Track Name: Incomplete
I swear the problem isn’t you
There’s something wrong with me
But as long as you’re here
I’ll believe that you’re where you want to be

But if you decide to leave me I’ll understand
Because waiting for me could be quite demanding

I’m sorry that I’m difficult
To deal with but I cannot keep my
Conscious mind from destructing
Everything around me
I just need some time to figure out
How I’m supposed to love you
When I don’t
Even know how to love myself

We’ve been over this many times
Our arguments are tread
But there’s no denying somewhere
In the middle we’ll meet again

So if you decide to stay I’ll find my peace
Because I can’t wait any longer than you for me
Track Name: Legacy
Give praise to warm embraces
before you’ve laid down
And be kind to those you find
who make beautiful sound
May they comfort you
when no one is around

Hold not the fleeting thought
That someday you will die
Take heart that you’ll depart
So sweetly to the sky
And remember how you said
All your goodbyes
I’ll meet you again
On the other side

Please keep your dreaming sleep
Alive when you wake up
And cave into vibrations
Warming you with love
This world will not forget
What you’re made of
If you’ll remember
Just to pass it on
Track Name: NYE, NYC
Where will you be
At this hour on New Year’s Eve
I want to see you again

The cold and the lights
Just remind me of your smile
And how much I miss you

So while we’re all drinking
To new days and new ways
I’m raising a glass
To you
Let’s start over
With a slate as clean as snow
We’ve got so much more loving to do
Let’s follow the year
And renew

I know it’s the time
To cast off old lines
But I think we can make it work

If you’re kissing me
At midnight on New Year’s Eve
I’ll never let you go
Track Name: Hindsight
Money wasn’t everything
You always said it meant
Nothing to you

You never wanted cars
Or rings around your fingers
Whispering what he means to you

“Oh what a fool
Is the man who works his life away for you,
For a true love
Doesn’t have a thing to prove.”

Looking back I think that you
Were more right than I’ve ever been on anything
I wish I had learned

Sooner so I would have held you
Longer than I did before you left
For someone with smaller dreams

If only I’d have known just what time means
I’d have spent more of it with you next to me

I can’t believe I let you go
You’re the only one I’ve ever known
Who knew just what it means to love
I’ll never find another one
Track Name: Celluloid
I can’t remember the name
Of the place that I go back to
The language deep
Somewhere in sleep

I said that I was coming over
I haven’t seen you in years
You look the same
Though colors fade

This is how it’s always been
The tidy place that we come back to
Preserved and thin
Silent again