Oh Canada! EP

by Chris Dodgen

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These are selections from years where I was in transition and a pretty bad writing slump (spanning 2005 - Late 2008/early 2009 or so). I had attempted to make an album trilogy and that did not work out well. These are pretty much the only surviving tracks. I thought long and hard before putting them out, which I'm doing now at the suggestion of friends and family. Enjoy.


released July 4, 2008



all rights reserved


Chris Dodgen Dallas, Texas

I make music.

Some is happy, some is sad.

All of it is me.

Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Like Friends do
Looking down
From where we were
I can see my breath
It's going to be a long night
Without you

An unarmed no
And it's in stereo
And I pretend I didn't hear
I'm only human
And I only want you

I've never been more alone
Than when I'm with you (because)

We love like friends do

Who blinks first
Is it a trick?
I think I'd rather leave
It's going to be a long life
Without you

Never closer
Never further away
I can't meet you there
I'm only human
And I only want you

All the things that I can't say
They keep me here
and push you away

And if we're only friends
I'll see you then
I'll see you when

We love like friends do
Track Name: Never Was
When I close my eyes
I remember scraped knees
A football helmet
And your brother said I was a thief

My blood under the sun
And my eyes are wet with rage

A lie
I scream
Back down crying
No one home to comfort my pain

Where's the boy I used to be?

Winter snow
And Ice cold
creeping through the door
The last gift opened
And I ask if there are any more

My Face
Swelling hot blaze
And my bare feet hit the snow

Door slams
I cry
Ashamed, I hide
By the planter all alone

Where's the boy I used to be?

Searing meat
It fills the air
From the stove

She says she doesn't want anymore
And so it goes

Spoon in
Is she breathing?
Through my tears her face is blurred

I watch
While she almost dies
And I say not a single word

Where's the boy I used to be?
Track Name: Tide
The milk we drank together on the beach ran dry as we asked for a second round
But the bar was closing down
And we said, "We'd better head for higher ground, before the tide comes rolling in."
To carry us a wayward in a sentence that neither of us can understand
We stood on the beach and shook hands as we said
"Is this goodbye?"
It could be

Don't count me out for the good times
For the good times make for the best of

So we both walked our separate ways leaving footprints in the sand
Leading back to a place we would never stand again
Never feel the grains of sand beneath our feet
Sloping to the bottom of the hourglass

The Timekeeper of our lives remembers the beach as I do
How I once stood there with you
And I thought it goes on for miles
With sun in all directions
Is there no end?

We knew there was
Track Name: The Letter
My pen moves slow
The ink solidified and stopped the flow
Maybe running deeper
As the change it brings
Even as I write I still rethink these things
It's not too late

Even if I might...
Would it hurt to sleep on it tonight?

This letter for the coming days
Is just fine
Even if I still haven't made up my mind

The rain outside on every leaf is screaming
"Why? Just let me pour and sleep on it tonight."

A new day comes
The greyish clouds outside still hide the sun
I hold a picture of you
Close to me
If you were here I wonder if things would be
Still too late

I'm still sitting here

The rain outside on every leaf just won't go away
And I wonder why it's begging me to stay
Track Name: Argument
The meaning gets lost in all you do
But you know that I'm waiting for it too
The sense it makes is less than it seems
Impossible as it seems to me
So say you love me
I'll say it too
But the meaning gets lost in all you do

Here we go again
Seem like it never ends

You're not always right
I say
As you look at the floor
And I look at the time
It's not gonna get better
but I say it had better
If I'm gonna stay another night

Talking is only far from the truth
Reason is only close to proof
Logic is missing from the scene
And I don't know what the fuck you mean
So say you love me
And I'll say it too
But the meaning gets lost in all you do